Youth Group Events

Midnight Run  6:00pm-1:00am

Come join us in a mission to NYC to serve the most forgotten group of people, the homeless! You can help distribute food, clothing and toiletries as well as the most important thing of human love and dignity to those in need. If you can't come to NYC that's okay, just come to prepare food. Also we always need drivers to help us on our mission. You can sign up here.

March for Life January 21st 5:00am to 8:00pm

You should come on an adventure to Washington DC to help defend the most defenseless members of society, the unborn. We will join the Rockland Right to Life Group on the bus ride. If you are interested let us know

Save the Date

  • Lock-in: December 30th
  • Holy Hour for Life January 14th
  • March for Life January 21st