Youth Group Events

Catholic Underground                   November 2nd 5:30-11:00

All youth group members are encouraged to join us for a night in NYC as we worship Jesus's Body in the Eucharist with lively adoration that is lead by the awesome Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (CFRs!!). This is followed by fellowship with cool bands in the basement of the church and maybe even some Shake Shack. If you're unsure just say yes and experience the beauty of the Eucharist.

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Midnight Run November 16th with St. Aedan's Youth Group 4:45pm - 1:00 am

All youth group members are invited to join us as we serve the homeless of NYC. We will be going to three stops to serve the homeless a meal and distribute much needed clothes and supplies. If you would like to go you must sign up below by November 15th. Those that do not sign up will not be able to go on the run. All are welcomed to help prepare beforehand. Parents that can drive please sign up as well. Additionally all members must bring a signed permission slip.

Set Up for Giving Trees November 26th 7:00pm - 8:30pm

All Youth Members and their families are invited to help decorate and set up the ornaments for the Giving Trees. You will be helping decorate and set up a Christmas Tree that is sure to bring lots of love, kindness and Christmas Cheer!

New York Catholic Youth Day October 19th 7:45-6:30

Teenagers in 8-12 grades are welcome to join us as we go to Westchester County Center with 1,000 other teenagers from the Archdiocese of New York for an inspirational and fun day of prayer, community and service. There will be Mass, Confession and lively speakers with awesome music. If you would like to come along you MUST sign up ASAP. A $15 late fee is now in effect. Please fill out the forms below if you would like to come. Also after signing up you should receive an email with another link to complete forms. Please fill these out if you would like to come. If you do not recieve that email please email us and let us know so we make sure you have the correct information. Click the picture for more info.

Advent in NYC

December 7th 2PM to 11PM

Come join St. Anthony's, St. Aedan's, St. Augustine's and Immaculate Conception's Youth Ministry's programs as we journey together through Manhattan for what is sure to be a faith filled and fun day. We depart from and return to St. Anthony's. Starting off on our journey our first stop will be the gorgeous Gothic-style St. Patrick's Cathedral. Following that we will go to Rockefeller Center to see the beautiful Christmas tree. After that we we will have delicious NYC pizza. We will end the night on a high going to Catholic Underground at Our Lady of Good Counsel to worship Jesus' Body in the Eucharist and sing His praise. After the Holy Hour is over, there is a band in the basement of the church and we may even go to Shake Shack. So sign up for what is sure to be an awesome Christ filled evening!

Save the Date

  • Lock-In December 27th
  • Breakfast Run January 4th

Youth Group Takes Rome 2020

July 19th-29th 2020

Unfortunately we are no longer accepting spots for this pilgrimage but we ask for your continued prayers as we prepare to embark on what is sure to be an exciting and fulfilling trip. Sites visited include Colosseum, Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica, Roman Forum, Assisi and Sancta Scala. Additionally we will be performing service. For those who are going the first deposit is due September 1st.