Christmas Wreath And Grave Blanket Sale

Good day Ladies and Gents. As we prepare to kick off our year of ministry we would like to thank you for your continued support and prayers. We would not be able to do any of this without you! As many may know we are taking the youth group to Rome this summer in 2020 and we are asking for your help to take us. Our next fundraiser will be selling wreaths and grave blankets come December.  The pre-sale has begun and below you can see the items we have for sale and their prices. To pay for the items you can drop off a check at the rectory at your convenience. Pick up will be available November 29th 2-4PM and November 30th and December 1st after all Masses.  Also to ask for grave delivery is an additional $5. If you request grave delivery you MUST provide grave location or a picture of the grave as well as the name. 

Christmas Wreath

Available for $20.00

Small Sized Flat Grave Blanket

30 inches in length

Available for $25

Medium sized Flat Grave Blanket

40 inches in length

Available for $35

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