Palm Cross Sale

Thank you so much for your continued support of our youth group. We will be holding a palm cross sale March 25th-26th. The proceeds help pay for meetings, service events, as well as youth ministry events such as Midnight Runs and our upcoming trip to Six Flags. These are important tools to help bring the youth closer to Jesus, so your purchase will help to evangelize the teenagers of today.

Pre-orders are available to be made by March 22nd. Purchases may still be made March 25th-26th, but will cost a little more and pick up will be available after the Masses on both days. We will not be selling after the 7pm on Sunday March 26th. For an additional $4.50 the palm cross may be placed at the grave for you. For payment you can mail a check to the St. Anthony's rectory or contact us for Venmo/Zelle information.

Our Products for Sale

Objects may be placed at a grave for a fee of $4.50.

Palm Crosses

Comes in pink, blue, purple, yellow, and green bows

$13.50 for Pre-Order

$15.00 for Same Day Purchase

Place an order

Please leave us your details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Orders placed after March 22nd will be informed after placement if they cannot be fulfilled.